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Lovers' Sanctuary

Chapter IV
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Mom? You were going to tell me about father? Yusuke said in anticipation.


Oh, yes, well as I said your father is a remarkable man.  In many ways you truly are our son, for you have the same characteristics and traits that both me and your father had. His mom said continuing on.


What?! Really, I doubt that! Yusuke responded with his remark.


No, it’s true, as can see both of us have the same behavior about always hiding our true feelings and emotions, just like you. We remind ourselves from you.” His mom replied continuing her story at which Yusuke could tell that she was recalling back some memories.


Oh Great! This is going to be a stroll down memory lane Yusuke thought since he didn’t want to tell this out loud since her mother was trying hard to tell him about his father and about her past life as well, which surprises Yusuke since she never talked about her life, let alone about father.


When I was in High School I was cold around others, since I dislike and couldn’t tolerate other people’s attitude.  I had a few friends, but we were never close, we were more like acquaintances in school and in our classes.  I was wise and you can even say that I was smart, but I sure didn’t act like one.  I was intelligent, but I never tried much in my education, since I just felt like I had to go to school and do some work, because I had no choice.  I had to go to school and graduate to get a good job that will have good pay, and education is the only thing that can help you achieve that goal.  I just went to school and do my work, and never really cared much about the events that was happening and the people around me. I only cared about getting a good job someday so I can contribute money in order to help my grandparents. 


Since, I started living with my grandparents when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I couldn’t really remember my parents since I was too young.  However, my grandparents already explained to me that both my parents died in a car accident, and they were the only relatives and the only people who could take care of me.  Unfortunately, the sad thing was that they were very old, when they took care of me, grandpa was about 69 years old and grandma was about 67 years old, and when I went to High School I was about 14 years old and they were about 77 and 75 years old.  They were both retired but couldn’t really enjoy much on their remaining lives since I was still there needed to be taken care off. 


My dreams and goals, was that once I finish my education, I would get a decent job with a good pay, so that I could help out with my grandparents like I could be the one to pay all the bills for them, and I planned to buy them a tour or a trip to Bahamas where they always dreamed to go in vacation.  So I just felt like going to school not for myself, but for my grandparents, even though they were right about my education being very important in my life, and never should be taken for granted.  When I went to school after my parents died my attitude and perspective towards life has changed immensely, I started realizing other people’s conduct and their demeanor, and I started being cold and ignoring anyone.  I didn’t care about anyone except myself and my grandparents.  Not until, I met your father.


You see, your father was a lot like me, but he is more different and much more complicated.  I met your father that day on that unforgettable incident I was walking home cheerfully and joyfully since I couldn’t wait to tell my grandparents that I was accepted to work in a café as a waitress on a part-time basis.  I even had my training on the same day and they gave me my payment since the manager liked my enthusiasm and passion in my work even if it was just training, since she could see that I was a good and hard worker.  She also knew the reason why I wanted that job despite the fact that most students in my age would rather just go and have a good time, and she says that she admires and respects my dreams and goals.  Saying that as long as I work hard, she will try to help me achieve that dream.  That’s why I liked that job, even though I had no interest about it in the beginning, because I only applied since its close to my school and my grandparents house since it was in the middle and can be passed by when going to school or going home.


I took interest in it because it was easy and I learned different unique ways in making coffee (which I thought would be handy someday and it was ironic since it was very useful to clear my hangover), and I like my manager, I didn’t care about my co-workers though since they were older than me like college or university students, and they were working there for a long time.  So anyway, I was on foot going on home with my pay in my pocket, when all of a sudden a bunch of thugs walked behind me and then they walked beside me, telling me to stop and give them my money.  Of course I denied that I didn’t have money and even made a wise crack saying that even If I had money I wouldn’t give them a dime even if they beg for it.  With that wise remark they were furious and started to force me, until I ran as fast as I could, but they were many, about 5 or 6 thugs, who could easily catch up with me, but I tried my hardest to outrun them.  I was scared and terrified not knowing what to do, I just kept running and running, I was so petrified that I was speechless and I couldn’t scream for help. 


The most unfortunate part of it was that they chased me into a trap where they led me to an alley until it was a dead end, and I was cornered.  I was so scared that I couldn’t think and I didn’t know what to do.  The only options left on my mind was to either give them my money or fight them, and out of stupidity in choosing a decision and devotion to my grandparents I chose to fight back and would never give them my money, since I planned to save this money so that I could buy the travel tickets for my grandparents dream vacation.  So first I tried to trick them by saying that I gave up and would hand over all my money, then when the leader of the thugs was stepping forward to receive my bag.  I quickly smacked him right in his ugly face, and was able to scratched and bruise him pretty bad, but it didn’t work since he became enraged and was able to block me and threw me back against the wall. 


He was fuming and at that moment I was frightened and worried about what they were going to do to me.  The leader then smirked saying and complimenting that I was pretty tough and confident, and says that he likes girls who has that kind of spunk.  He continued on saying that he only wanted my money at the start, but now he wants a piece of me.  At that statement I was paralyzed with fear, because I knew that they wouldn’t let me go.  I tried to use everything I could think off to defend myself, like I was throwing bottles and trash cans until they were surrounding me and going closer.  In my last efforts and attempt, I screamed as loud as I can, but it was only for a short moment, since the leader covered my mouth with his hand, and I was abruptly trembling with fear, because my last endeavor failed.  I fought back as hard as I can until he removed his hand, and then I was shaking with horror as they were laughing saying that even if I did scream for help, no one that stupid would come into their territory and messes with them.  Then they added that, you’re all alone now missy and you will belong to us. 


They were about to touch me and I just close my eyes in dread for the anticipation, when unexpectedly from out of the blue, someone swiftly wallop them all out to the ground.  I didn’t know what was going on since I was still closing my eyes out of fear, but I could hear the painful groans and agonizing grunts, then I heard the cry for help, then it fell silent.  At that moment I thought that to whomever that person who tried to rescue me must have been badly beaten up and maybe even gotten killed, and I sympathized to whoever that person was.


I was afraid to upon my eyes when that sudden silence transpired, but then a voice that was different from the thugs spoke saying, Are you alright? Did they hurt you?  I didn’t know who the person was but his voice was soothing, so I trusted him just by his voice and I opened my eyes.  The image of the person was blurry probably because I was crying even though I didn’t notice it and I closed my eyes for a long time, but I was still trying to protect myself by putting my arms across each other, forming an x stature. 


However, the person came close to me saying, hey, it’s okay your safe now. and I believed him and for some reason I confide in him by embracing him and crying on his chest.  He as well embraced me and patted me on my back saying that Don’t worry its okay now, they will never hurt you or bother you ever again. With that statement he wiped out my tears, and for some reason I just stopped weeping, and I observed as I looked at a not distant ground, all the thugs were lying on the ground and they looked like hell, you can literally describe what happened to them as being hit by a truck, because they were beaten up pretty badly and that’s why she heard their painful and agonizing groans and even their cry for help. 


Their faces were like deformed and distorted, since their noses was broken, lips and eye lids torn, ears and mouth had gashes and bruised, and their whole faces was covered in blood.  In my thoughts I could even make a wise joke about it expressing, Just when you realize that they couldn’t be more uglier than they already are, I guess this proves me wrong, and I stand corrected. 


Then the person asked me if I was injured, and I just told him that I was okay, but he saw the gash I had on my left arm where it happen to made contact on the brick wall were I was thrown aside by the leader of the thugs.  I told him that it was nothing for him to worry about since it wasn’t serious but it was bleeding a lot though, and he took off his handkerchief and wrapped it around my wound, and then a made a knot to tighten and close it off.  While he was treating my wounds I was surprised and couldn’t believe the thought that he was the one who rescued me and was able to do that much damage to those brutes.  Since he was so kind and gentle, just from the look of him, you would never expect him to be capable of this. 


While I was lost on my reveries, the person held out his hand as a sign offering to help me up, and then he even offered to take me home, I agreed without hesitation.  He picked up my bag, saying I take it that this belongs to you and he gave out my bag. There was something different and unique about this person that was very mysterious and I was very interested about him, and I couldn’t help but wonder and I get lost on my thoughts a lot of times just thinking about him, in that day where he took me home.


He remained silent on the whole stroll to my house, all he said was when he asked me where I lived, and then he stayed silent the whole time. I too remained quiet because I was still shaken by that incident, but most likely I didn’t know what to say and talk about with him.  We arrived at my house and I was thinking about a lot of things and didn’t even realized when I got home, I arrived at my front gate and I thank him and told him that I am very grateful for all of his help, and told him that I owe him a lot. 


He just replied with a smile, that’s okay, don’t worry about it, just glad I could help out.  Just be careful next time though and don’t walk alone and never go to alleys especially at night, okay? Well, farewell.  Then he walked away without looking back. 


Then I just remembered something, what???!!!!!!! I am such an IDIOT!!!!!! I didn’t even get his name!!!!!!! With that remark I was stamping my foot hard on the ground saying I can’t believe I forgot to ask my savior’s name.  HHHH!!!! I might never see him again, and I would never have the chance to ask his name, and somehow pay him back for his help. With that thought I realized that I was very interested and curious to know about this person, my knight in shining armor.


Do you know who that person was, Yusuke? his mom asked.


I don’t know. Ummm…ohh! Is he Superman! Hehehe. just joking. Yusuke said with a snicker.  I know who that person was. It was dad wasn’t it? Yusuke said intriguingly.




To Be Continued




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