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Love Interest: Botan is very emotional when it comes to her friends, but Y/B fans can agree that she worries about Yusuke the most.

Life: Botan is usually called a "Grim Reaper" because it fits her job description. She's the conveyor of the recently departed to Spirit World. Even Yusuke was surprised that the "Grim Reaper" wasn't what he expected. Instead of a skeleton with a scythe he encounters a young lady in a kimono riding an oar like a witch rides a broom.

In any event, Botan helps Yusuke through his ordeal to regain his life. Once Yusuke returns to life and becomes a Spirit Detective, Botan becomes his assistant. While normally invisible as the Grim Reaper, as Yusuke assistant she becomes as real as you or me (she just doesn't change her appearance like Koenma), though she soon changes clothes to match the times. In addition to her insider's insight, she relays news from Koenma and provides various tools for Yusuke and his crew to use, such as the psychic spyglass (lets Yusuke see through objects) and the communicator.


Love Interest: Unfortunately the show likes to show a blossoming romance between Yusuke and Keiko, but us real Y/B fans know that Yusuke yearns for a certain blue-haired ferry girl...

Life: Yusuke makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life to save a child from a speeding car ("Watch out, kid!"). He is taken to see King Yama, ruler of the Spirit World by Botan, a spirit messenger. Upon arrival they meet with the king's son, Koenma, who offers Yusuke a second chance at life. But this time, as a Spirit Detective. Botan is assigned as Yusuke's guide and they return to Earth where Yusuke's adventures begin. A guardian for the Living World, Yusuke takes on the meanest and ugliest that the Spirit World has to offer and its not long before the spiritual bad guys know there's a new sheriff in town.