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If only he knew....

If only she knew...

Being constructed.....

Well, there's no real proof that Botan and Yusuke share a romantic interest, but little gestures and uncomfortable glances spark an interest within every Botan/Yusuke fan. So, basically, in this section.....I shall *try* to share the hints I have come across while watching the series. (P.S.- I have yet to watch the movie! I heard it's a sign sent from heaven for Yusuke/Botan! *saves money* EBAY HERE I COME!)

Hints from....

"Surprised to be Dead"

--obviously the first hint was when Yusuke commented that Botan couldn't have been the Grim Reaper because she was pretty. Hm...he never called Keiko pretty....

"Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men"

--Botan hugs him....awwwwww!

"Gouki and Kurama"

--Botan saves Yusuke's life by pretending to be little kids with flashlights in the woods.
--Botan's frightened when she realizes that Yusuke took his own life so that Kurama could be with his sick mother. (everyone say "AWWWW!" Hehehehehe.)

"The Three Eyes of Hiei"

--Keiko gets jealous when she sees Botan and Yusuke together. ^_^ She has a right to be, I mean, Botan and Yusuke WERE close.