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Jellybob's POV:
From the day the show first aired, Yusuke and Botan were the perfect couple to me. Who else could tame Yusuke's bad side, and control the bubbly attitude of Koenma's ferry girl? They level off perfectly. As far as Keiko is concerned, who wants a girlfriend to be acting like your wife all the time? "Yusuke why didn't you tell me you were on a mission?" "Yusuke! You could of got hurt!" "Yusuke, stop acting--" *SMACK* If you want someone to take orders from you, go buy yourself a DOG Keiko! Hahaha. You see, with Botan by his side, he would carry the same care-free spirit that she has. It's basically perfect. That's why we want this couple to thrive in the anime.
Lady-Kurama's POV:
I think Yusuke and Botan are the cutest  couple ever. They are great friends and support each other. Botan is always there for him. She accpets him just the way he is and doesn't nag about his behavior unlike Keiiko who is always trying to make yusuke do things her way. I really support Yusuke and Botan pairing and that's why JellyBob and I decided to build this website in honour of Yusuke and Botan
Vulpixi Misa's POV:
When I first saw Yuu Yuu Hakusho, I thought they were going to get together. I didn't think Keiko was supposed to be important, but thats not the point. I like them together because their personality matches and they look so cute together (Bleh...). Well, maybe its because they have the highest chance of getting together (compared to the other couples I support in other anime). Its fun to draw them together and their small arguments aren't like Yusuke and Keiko's arguments. But dont listen to me, these are just my opinions.
Yusuke and Botan have always been my Favorite couple of the entire show. Why?
The most big hint, is when Yusuke ignores when Keiko is hurt, and practically cries when Botan was kidnapped. The way he whispered her name on the middle of the battle, and the way the movie ended, with Botan on Yusuke's arms. On the series, we saw how Keiko felt Yusuke when he died, but we too saw how Botan felt him too, they being the only ones with that ability, and we saw how Yusuke went to Botan to say GoodBye.
One of the moments I will never forget on the Second Movie, is how Yusuke's power came out after he thinks on Botan, and he screamed that Yakumo wasn't going to get away with what he did (Kidnape Botan).
In conclusion XD Yusuke and Botan are a perfect-could-be couple, there are many hints that show that the writters too, think the same as us.
Ah! And Eizo Hakusho, on Yusuke no shoo, the chapter is about a dream that he's having, where he's married with Botan!
Besides, I never liked Keiko...I don't see her with Yusuke...nah...

Liana Elena Teresa Banda
I think so too. They are a great couple. It is so too. In the part where Kaitou and the others kidnapped Yusuke, Botan was like the first to worry. And also he said when he had to find out who the imposter was," Now that still left me with Botan, but it doesn't matter. If you guys had the nerve to take over the only nonfighter of the group it wouldn't matter.Because I would come back from the dead and drop kick your head!" I really think that says alot.Besides,Yusuke's like a brother to me so,I say Botan's perfect for him,not like Keiko's nagging personality.

name: Haru-chan
Well first off in the movie when botan was kidnapped by the villian...yeah Yusuke was the one that worried about her the most. And there are soo many hints in the series where they show their affection to one another. *cough* Even though i really support Kurama and Botan a lot but, i also see how cute they two are. :) And Keiko well lets just say she's just annoying and like is always in the way.

 Think Yusuke & Botan were meant to be, share your reason why you think so.

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