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Lovers' Sanctuary

Chapter III
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“Okay Mom, I’ll tell you everything that happened with me and the events that changed my life.  What I’m about to tell you is really unbelievable, but it is the truth and I am going to tell you all about it honestly, and I won’t lie and hold back anything.”  Yusuke said with a very serious look and tone.

“Okay, I understand, I’ll pay attention.” His mom replied.

“It all started that day when I died from that incident, where I saved the kid who was playing ball, and I got hit by the car.  I actually died that day, and I became a spirit.  Then I met Botan, who was the deity of death.” Yusuke said.

“What! You mean Botan is a Deity of Death??? That’s impossible! A sweet, cheery, kind, pretty girl like her is no image of death.” His mom said butting in on his story.

Yeah, I know it’s unbelievable, but it’s all true.  Botan is the deity of death, I didn’t believe it the first time we met, since I had the same reaction as you did.  But it all changed, when I realized that she was floating and no one can see her except me.  I started to believe her, and she told me that I wasn’t scheduled to die that day.  So she and I went to the spirit world called Rekai to straighten things out, then I met the prince of Rekai which is a toddler who can transform into his adult form and is actually centuries old, named Koenma.  His father was the king of Rekai who was Enma.  They gave a test and challenges to do so that I could be resurrected again.  When I revived back to life they gave me an egg that shows the kind of creature that would appear that feeds on the deeds that I do, this creature would be like my alter ego, this creature would reflect my soul.  The creature soon hatched and it was a blue like penguin who then we named as Puu, since it’s what all it can only say. Then when I got resurrected, they made me the Rekai Tentei or Spirit Detective, since I was able to see spirits and demons now.  I had developed my spiritual powers and was able to do things that I could have never done before. Then I had a lot of missions to accomplish like to stop the demons from harming humans, and prevent them from escaping their realm to the human world, which they call Ningenkai, and humans as Ningens.  During my missions I met a lot of people, spirits, and demons, some of them were bad so I destroyed them, but some were also good who joined with me and I befriended them.




HHUHH? YOU BEFRIENDED SPIRITS AND DEMONS? His mom asked very shocked and surprised at his son’s story.




“Ahemmmm! I’m not done with my story, Mom.” Yusuke said interrupting his mom’s surprised state.


“Oh! Sorry, carry on.” His mom responded uneasily expecting more weird and complicated details from the story.

“Well, soon I was known by a lot of creatures as the spirit detective, and Kuwabara eventually found out about it, so he helped me out because he too has spiritual power.  Then we met the demons Hiei and Kurama, Hiei is a fire demon and Kurama is an embodiment of the famous fox demon thief Youko Kurama.  We eventually formed a team to take on stronger demons and keep the peace in Ningenkai.  Kuwabara I and also trained to improve our spiritual power, so we trained to be a successor of Genkai, who at that time was the strongest human.  After that, Keiko also found out about my secret since she was kidnapped by one of the demons so I had to rescue her. 

Then we had a new mission that was to take part of the Dark Tournament in a mysterious island, where humans and demons can take part in the tournament.  This tournament was organized so that both powerful and strong demons and humans could take on their rage and satisfy their needs and desires, so that they would halt their activities on Ningenkai.  So I participated in the tournament with my friends, to win the tournament since to whomever wins the tournament can get his true wish and desires to be fulfilled, and we didn’t want any other demons to achieve this goal.  So there we took part in it and I eventually grew stronger and met a lot of demons that I befriended and some I defeated.  We finally won the tournament after all the battles and challenges we went through. 


I thought that was the end, but then there was even more dangerous threat.  That was when we had to face a human who was former Spirit detective, known as Shinobu Sensui, but went resentful and started hating humans and began helping demons to escape to their realm to Ningenkai. Sensui was planning to break the barrier which held back the demons from going to Ningenkai. He was a very powerful human since he had strong spiritual powers, and is very experienced.  We all teamed up again me, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama to take on Sensui, but we were powerless.  We were able to defeat his minions but we just can’t defeat Sensui.  I even died that day, since I sacrificed myself for my friends, I knew that they will be able to unleash their hidden strength and power just like when I did when I thought Kuwabara had died on the Dark Tournament, it was the key to unlocking my hidden power.  So they were successful into bringing out their fullest strength and potential, but it turns out that Sensui transformed into different style of combat armor, since he too was not even showing his full power.  The result was that even with my friends’ fullest power they could not even lay a hand on Sensui. 

In the meantime, I lied dead, but was very strange since my spirit did not ascend from my body.  I knew that I was dead because my heart stopped, but it was very bizarre since I could feel a certain existence of energy and force that keeps me alive.  My mind was blank and my heart stopped beating.  Then the special defense team of Rekai came to destroy me since they somehow knew that I was going to revivify, and they tried to destroy me and not even Koenma could stop them, but Puu was able to transform into its phoenix form and protected me.  I revived then, and I couldn’t wait to fight Sensui again so I rode on Puu and we went to Makai, where my friends were now fighting, since Sensui led them there so that Kuwabara would use his spirit dimension sword to slice open the barrier that protects Ningenkai from youkais or demons, because his technique prove to be the only one to break the barrier not even Sensui could do it. So I went to Makai which was the world filled with different kinds of demons.  I went there and took over the battle since my friends were very exhausted, and I wondered why I was still alive even though my heart wasn’t beating, and they told me that I had a core that would keep me alive.  This core was like a demons heart, but I didn’t know about that until I transformed.  In the battle between me and Sensui, I became much stronger when I came back to life, but I still couldn’t defeat him since he transformed in his strongest form and was showing his true power.  I was still a having a hard time figuring out how to beat him, when all of a sudden, a presence took over my body, and talked to me in my mind, saying that he will show me how to unleash and use my power.  I suddenly transformed into a demon, but I wasn’t aware about it until I regained control of my body, but that presence already defeated Sensui with ease.  I was angry since not only did he take over my body, but he interrupted our fight. 

So I always wondered and wanted to know who the presence was and how I have demon blood running in my body.  I soon learned that it was my great ancestor who was a super demon who ruled his own kingdom and was a king in Makai known as Raizen, since I received an invitation to go to Makai.  That is why I had to leave as soon as possible since the portal could only be opened at a specific time, and I had to go see him and question him.  I soon learned when I arrived to Makai that he was dying since he promised the woman that was a healer who was also my ancestor not to eat humans anymore, because she helped him and they fell infatuated to each other.  So I was a demon clan distant generation since I transformed into a demon successfully since I died, and was able to reach a pinnacle amount of power. I also learned that there was a war going on, it was about the fact that Raizen was going to die, so the other 2 kings, Mukoro and Yomi, wanted to rule more land and expand their kingdom.  Once that happens, not only Makai is affected but also Rekai and Ningenkai.  So I had to settle things by initiating a tournament that all demons can participate and the winner will rule the whole Makai.  Thus the whole demons or youkais would be unified and the conflict would end.  It was a risk and stupid move, but it turned out to be the best since even the kings Mukoro and Yomi liked the idea in the end.  The winner was an old pal of Raizen, named Enki, he was a kind demon, and during the new rule he was the king for a whole three years and no one can question him.  His first rule was to leave Nigenkai alone, no demons will try to disturb the human world, so the barrier was lifted and I could easily cross between worlds.  Well, that’s about the end of the story, Mom.  Believe it or not, that’s the whole truth, Mom?




Atsuko was just surprised and shocked and then she replied to his son, I believe you, Yusuke.  I believe every word you said, even though it’s hard to believe, in some way I believe you.  For some reason, I wouldn’t probably believe you before, but now I do.  And I don’t blame you for keeping this from me until now. Thank you for telling me all about it.

Really? You believe me, mom? Well, I guess it was a lot better to tell you about it since I don’t want you to blame yourself every time I go off and take a long time to come back.  Besides I meant to tell you all about it someday, but I never would have guessed it would be this soon. Yusuke said with a chuckle.




Atsuko was now smiling saying, so is this all the secrets you’ve been keeping from me Yusuke or is there more?

What? I don’t have anymore secrets. Yusuke said bluntly.

Well, you better not, by the way when do you plan to marry Keiko? Atsuko asked deliberately.

I don’t know yet mom, maybe after she graduates, we still have to talk about it.  Now I would appreciate it if you would stop interrogating me. Just asked Keiko, I can’t have a straight answer for this kind of thing. Yusuke responded directly.


Okay!!! I won’t ask anymore embarrassing questions to you, Yusuke. His mom said teasing him.


Good! Well, if that’s all I am going to bed, I’m tired. Yusuke said frankly.


No, hold on Yusuke.  I also have to tell you about something important. Atsuko said sincerely.


Huh? I thought you already told me everything, is there more? Come on, mom, can it wait till tomorrow. Yusuke said paying no disregard to his mom.

No, this is very important, and I think this is the right time to tell you this, since I too have been keeping this to you for such a long time. This is about your father. His mom said with a sad pitch and a distressing manner.


Huh? About father? But I thought that he was just some lazy guy who doesn’t want the responsibility to take care of his family. Yusuke said assuming what kind of person his father was.


 No, Yusuke! Your father was a great man.  He was kind, gentle, loving, sweet, and very caring.  He loved us more than anything in the world.  If you would speak ill about him, then address it to me since I deserve it and not him. Atsuko said with a very painful _expression of her face.


Yusuke realized how serious this matter was and how his mom wants to talk about it, and that he too was very interested to know about his father.  Since his mom never mention and talk about him ever since he was a child until now.  He knew that his mother was trying her hardest to recall and have a discussion about father.  Yusuke could clearly see his mom’s expression that she was having difficulty to speak about it.


Uuhhmmm Mom? You don’t need to tell me about him now; you can tell me when you’re ready to. Yusuke said concerned about his mom’s reactions.


 You told me a about the things you kept from me and now its time for me to tell you mine. His mom replied seriously suppressing her emotions.


“Okay, Mom, go ahead. Tell me about father.” Yusuke said with a look of determination that proves he will listen attentively about it.


To Be Continued

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