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Lovers' Sanctuary

Chapter V
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Yes, it was your father when I first met him. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about him, I was surprised since he was the first person I seem to care and have my full interest in. I wanted to see him again and return the favor. However, I didn’t see him again, but I could never forget him, his face and that memory of that moment where he helped me were etched in my mind. I was searching for him the whole time, but I gave up since I realized that he just disappeared without a trace, and maybe I shouldn’t really expect a complete stranger to be found that easily. So, I decided to focus on school and my part-time job, but he still remained in my memories.

Then, after a month, it was the end of the first semester and it was the first day of the second semester in school so I had a new schedule, new class, new teachers, new classmates, new classrooms, and a lot more new things to worry about. I was very grumpy that day and wasn’t at least a bit excited about the new semester, not until I accidentally bumped with a person.

I was mad, Hey, watch it!!! Look what you’ve done!!! I yelled in irritation since my stuff where now scattered all over the floor, and I was going to be late, on the first day!!!

I didn’t get a good look at the person since he was still standing where I was thrown back on the floor and the person’s hair bangs was covering his face. I was mumbling while picking up my stuff, and I didn’t expect him to help me pick up my things since I knew that almost all the guys in my school were a bunch of jerks or a pack of idiots.

Nonetheless, the person helped by picking up all my stuff and even apologized kindly, saying that he was new in the school, and didn’t know his way around. So he asked for my forgiveness once again, until I suddenly became calm and forgave him. I wasn’t looking at him and didn’t see his face until he offered me up and once I heard his voice I started to realize and suspect who it was.

Then when he smiled and I was standing, I knew who that person was, I was shocked to see him again, and it was the same guy who saved me in that incident.

He remembered me as well, Oh! Hey, it’s you! You’re that girl I saved on the alley, weren’t you? He asked.

I nodded without speaking since I was still surprised about his sudden appearance, I would never have expected it, although that’s how fate works, I was searching for him but couldn’t find him, but when I gave up, he just emerged. I guess it was more like destiny when we met since I realized the fact because we had the same classes together and we were somehow similar.

I helped him out that day, and accompanied him on all our classes together and we were always together, since he didn’t know anyone in the school. Soon, we became good and close friends. I was opened up to him, about my life and my feelings about the school and life, like I told him that most students in our school are not really good people, like their attitude stinks, and he would just stay with me and listen. He was the first person that I confided in, not even my grandparents since I don’t want them to know and worry about my problems, and I decided that I will just face them alone, but with him, I feel as if I could tell him all about it. He was kind, and he wasn’t judgmental, he would always listen to me and not once found me annoying or boring. He learned a lot about me, but he never really talked much about himself. He won’t even talk at all to other people, except me.

It took time for him to opened up to me, since I could see it in his eyes that he didn’t trust other people, and it seems that I was his only friend, which made us both very similar. After a while, he finally confided in me, since I was very curious about him and told him that I want to know more about him as a best friend. Then I found out about his cruel past

I found out that he was an orphan, because he never knew his parents and he assumed they were dead. He was out on the streets when he was very young, about 5 or 6 years old trying to survive on his own, until an orphanage accepted him, but he only stayed about 3 years. Soon he was adopted by a man who was very cruel and only adopted him to work on factories like his own slave, and always beats him up because he was always drunk from using the money he earned to buy booze. Your father remained strong and emotionless, he never cried even when he was beaten up badly. He would continue following his orders, and gotten hurt so much, until he couldn’t take it anymore, he killed the man by breaking his beer bottle and slammed it right on his face.

I wasn’t surprised at this outcome, but I was surprised that he lasted with that evil foster parent for three whole years. He was out on the streets again when he was 12 years old, he envied other kids who had a family every time he sees children who were playing happily in the park tagging along their parents. That was his dream, to someday have a family of his own, and would take care of them, no matter what. He had this dream since he realized when he was still young that he could never have that kind of family like the other children had, so he just thought about the future and how he was going to raise a family of his own and would take care of them.

He started living on his own and starting working when he was 12! He worked by going to jobs that he knew were illegal because of the child labor laws, but he only cared about getting money and surviving, he didn’t care about the hardships that he was going through. So in other words, your father was very mature when I met him, just like me caring about my grandparents and knowing more about life than other normal people. Since I guess you could say that we didn’t have a normal life, especially your father.

After he told me of his past, I was crying since I had no idea about his life at all, and I apologized for forcing him to talk about it. However, he just smiled and told me not to cry since even he doesn’t weep about his own life, stating that it was his past that makes him stronger. With that statement I was very impressed at him, despite his harsh life, he remained strong and I was surprised that he turned out to be this kind, gentle, and caring person. You would expect other people to revolt and rebel and have a nasty attitude that you would understand because of their difficult past, but he was different. He was sweet and compassionate and never was a jerk. However, only I knew about him, since towards other people he remained cold and emotionless. Although, that really didn’t bother me since I too didn’t like other people except your father and my grandparents.

I was happy almost all the time since I met and befriended your father, and even my grandparents knew about it, asking me if I have been already close to him. They keep asking and forcing me to say my feelings for him, because they knew that I loved him, even before I realized that I did. They knew it because, they can see and tell how your father changed my life, and they were right, I was very happy when I became close to your father. I even became much happier when I finally confessed my feelings to him, and your father also told me that he loved me as well. I was so happy back then, that the only event that made me very sad was when my grandparents died and that I have to move out of the house since it was going to be foreclosed by the bank.

I was sad because I had lost the most important people in my life and lost my home, but it didn’t feel that bad, because your father was there to console me. He told me that I could live together with him in his place. I hesitated at first, but he convinced me that we were in a relationship now, so we should try living together. I was very happy, because he wanted me to move in with him, so I accepted and I got all my stuff from my house and transferred it to his.

We started living together until we graduated, and eventually he proposed to me, and we got married. That’s when we had you, Yusuke. We were so young back then, and most people would consider it a mistake, but we never did. We loved each other greatly and know what were doing, the only thing that keeps bothering us, was about the necessities, meaning we need to earn more money. Even with my full-time job and as well as the usual job of your father, it was not enough for us to raise a child.

That’s when your father had a new job one day, when he told me not to worry about it, since it pays really well. He wanted to earn more money so that he could provide for us, me and especially you, since he was excited that he was going to be a father and so he bought a lot of stuff for you. I didn’t know what kind of job he had gotten, but whenever I ask, he just told me not to worry about it, and I had a feeling that it was something dangerous so I always am concern about him. Especially since he gets so much money, that he invested it on a life insurance and trust fund, and even manage to bought a house for us with full payment.

I wanted to ask him how he got so much money, and he will always hide the truth, but I always told him to be careful. Then we moved in on the house (the house that was burned down in the beginning of the series), and he was able to provide us with many things, but he was now always away, until I became infuriated and wanted him to speak the truth. I then found out that he was a secret agent or a spy working for a secret organization that deals with big time criminals like drug lords.

I then became really worried asking him if it was worth risking his life on his job, and he told me that he only got this kind of occupation because he badly needed money for us. He also obtained this kind of occupation because they were very impressed by him, especially because your father was very strong and had a facade that would easily fool an enemy. I told him that even though money was important, family is always the most significant of all, and I begged him to quit his work. He knew the dangers of his occupation, not only to himself, but for us as well. So, he reassured me that he would quit right after he finishes his last mission, and I was glad to hear it.

Wow! are you saying that dad was some kind of assassin working for this secret organization to stop the bad guys, and keep the peace. Yusuke said very fascinated about it, I gotta say that my old man is amazing, since its kinda like my job too, it’s just that I deal with demons and not humans. So is father like still in this kind of business, or did he Yusuke trailed off, obviously unaware what had happened to his father, but then suddenly had a thought and asked Did father died on his last mission, mom?

No, Yusuke, your father didn’t die on the job. He died because of a terrible disease His mother said with a poignant tone.

Huh? Are you saying that he didn’t die on the dangerous missions he did, but only because of a stupid disease Yusuke said with a surprised _expression.

Yes, it’s really ironic how fate plays in our lives. I was so happy when I heard the news about his mission being a success and he was going to quit. His superiors was very impressed about his performance that they gave him a good pay plus a reward, and was disappointed that he was quitting, but they understand his motives. They told him that it was all in the past, no one would identify and remember him as an agent, and his records about it will all be abolished, so that he could lead a normal life.

I was so glad that he wasn’t going to be in danger anymore, and he was also glad that he could spend a lot time with us. He was also very happy that he was going to start taking good care of us, and never leave us again. We were both very happy because we had a good life, since we had no financial problems and we always had a good time together. Our happiness did not last very long though.

Since your father was infected by a terrible and rare disease that had no cure at the time. I was so sad at that time, since he was very ill, and I worried a lot about it, and we both had the feeling that he will not last long. On that horrible day, your father somehow knew that he was going to die, and he was apologizing to me, I am sorry, honey, I wanted to take care of you and Yusuke, but it seems that I can’t do that anymore I’m so sorry That was your father’s last words, apologizing to me for not being able to take care of us anymore.

I was crying very hard, and was grieve stricken for a very long time. I loved him so much, that when he passed away, I somehow felt embittered to him, because he didn’t keep the promised to always be there and would never leave me. Ever since your father passed away, It greatly affected my self, my personality, attitude, and basically my whole life. He meant so much to me that when he died, a part me died as well, and I grew most resentful in life. I started drinking to try to ease the pain and to try to move on, by forgetting about him. I started my bad habits to try to escape from reality, and because of that I didn’t take good care of you anymore.

I was young and foolish, I was only together with your father for 3 years and we had you, and I took good care of you in those 2 years, but when he died I started to not to care anymore. I didn’t care about anything and anyone. I didn’t care about myself and I didn’t care about you, as well. Since you reminded me of your father, and that’s why I couldn’t take care you anymore. That is also the reason why I go to my escapades, is to escape from my problems and my past.

Now, I know how stupid I really was back then, for not taking good care of you. When you were gone, I also realized my mistakes I did in the past of my life. I was miserable when your father died that I didn’t even realized that I was doing the same thing to you, since I was making you miserable and resentful. I fully understand my mistakes, and that this was the issue that your father never wanted to happen he didn’t want his past to happen to anyone, especially not his own son. I was such a fool, that I didn’t comprehend the fact that your father’s dreams was to take good care of us, and he apologized because he could not continue that dream anymore. I should have known that before, and I would’ve cared for you. Since you grew up all by yourself, in your whole childhood, I wasn’t there for you I hardly spend time with you, and even so I wasn’t happy and I could tell that you weren’t as well. Somehow you grew up all by yourself just like your father, but you grew resentful and started going into fights. I am to blame for all of this, not your father, since if he were here, everything would be very different. So don’t blame your father Yusuke.

Oh! I don’t blame dad or you mom, I don’t blame anyone for this. For I just turned out to be like this and it would be very pointless to blame anyone for what I’ve become. So don’t think like that mom, because I don’t blame you or father. If you are feeling guilty about it, then don’t be, because I forgive you. Yusuke said reassuring his mother who was now in tears probably because of the story she just told and his words.

Thank you, Yusuke, that means a lot to me. She smiled at her son and embraced him. Yusuke embraced back, saying Thanks a lot for talking about father, mom. I didn’t know about him before, but now I do.

Yusuke, you must be tired now, go ahead to your room and have good rest. Goodnight. His mom said to Yusuke, while she put back the food (the pizza and soda cans a while ago) and cleaned up. Yusuke stand up from the couch thinking about their conversations that was very long, but it was heart felt, and he was glad about their talk. He was going to his room, and told his mother goodnight.

He went to his new room, and was going to admire the changes, but he was too tired to notice it all. He didn’t even bother changing his clothes, he just put down his bag sack on the floor, and he fell asleep in his new bed. While thinking about his mother and father and their past, as well as comparing them to him and Keiko. It reminds Yusuke a lot like his relationship with Keiko, that they were opposites, two different people, but somehow connected because a special bond both shares. With this thought, Yusuke said to himself Mom and Dad’s relationship is kinda like ours, but in some way different. I would take care of her and raise a family with her. Also, I would never abandon her, but most of all, I’m not going to die and leave her alone. He soon fell asleep, dreaming of their new relationship and imagining the future.


To Be Continued…



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