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Lovers' Sanctuary

Chapter II
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Yusuke was walking back to his old neighborhood, going to his mom's apartment.  He was cheerful and happy; he didn't even realize it until he noticed that he was whistling.  He was surprised, saying to himself that it was great to finally see her (Keiko) after all these years.  He was wondering how much Keiko has changed after three years, and how much he has changed as well.  I guess both of them changed ever since they were separated, and now they're reunited as different and changed people.  They were used to each other and they were not the same as they were back then.  Right now, they were much closer more than ever, they actually like each other's company and both of them were always happy and cheerful together. 


Yusuke: (thinking) "Keiko has changed a lot since the last time I saw her, not only in her appearance, but also her personality.  I guess people would change a lot, especially after being gone this long.  I wonder if mom changed as well (Yusuke recalling back at what Keiko said about his mom changing).................Nah!!!! I doubt that! Knowing mom, she'll probably yell and lecture at me once I get home.  She would probably just kick me out, and won't let me in.  She'll probably ask me why I bothered coming back or just plain ignore me like she always do, when she's either drunk or just tired.  But Keiko is right about one thing, since I just left without any good reason at all, I'm pretty sure that she is going to get mad and worry a little about me. (Yusuke was thinking about the worst case of scenarios that would probably happen when he gets home, all he expects are bad things) Well, whatever! I'll just go there and see how it goes! (Yelling at himself, frustrated and anxious of his mom's possible reactions)  There's no use thinking about it"




Back at Keiko's place, the restaurant was now closed, and that she was done cleaning up, so she told her parents that she would do her homework.  She went upstairs and got off her working/cooking apron and got dressed into her pajamas.  She was sitting on a chair working on her homework on her study desk, but somehow she was just lost in her thoughts.  Her body might be in her room doing homework, but her mind was certainly not there. She was thinking about Yusuke and their new life together.  She knows that Yusuke loves her, and now she doesn’t have to wait and worry about him anymore.  He was back, and Keiko thought that he would change for the worse since she knew that Yusuke had demon blood running through his body, and she was afraid that he wasn’t going to be the same anymore.  But she was wrong, Yusuke was still the same as always, although she was right about one thing, and that was how much Yusuke had changed, but for the better. 


Keiko: (thinking) Hhhhmmmmmmm Yusuke has changed so much. I’m glad, I always wanted us to be this way, more honest to each other, and especially more open up to each other.  I would gladly share all the things I can tell to him, and I want him to do the same.  This is the start and beginning of our relationship, I can’t wait to see him again tomorrow.


She was thinking about Yusuke and their relationship while she was humming happily and smiling cheerfully.  She didn’t even realize that she already finished her homework, and she even wondered how, since she wasn’t thinking about it at all.  She just shrugged it off, and not even care about her homework, she just packed all the stuff back to her bag.  Then she just lied down on the bed thinking and dreaming about Yusuke all night long until she fell asleep.




Yusuke reached his mom’s apartment and went to the door.  He let out a heavy sigh and approached to the doorway and knocked at the door.  He only knocked about three times, then suddenly someone opened the door.  Yusuke couldn’t recognize who the person is since he couldn’t see the image of the person, only the shadow.  Maybe because the hallway was very dim, and on the inside the light was low.  Yusuke was about to ask the person, when suddenly the person spoke, a voice that Yusuke is very familiar about.


The person: Yusuke? Is that you?! Is it really you?


Yusuke now realized who the person was and was uneasy responding back since he was soon expecting a long and loud lecturing and yelling at him.


Ahh, Hi Mom! Y-Yeah, it’s r-really me. Yusuke responded uneasily. 


Yusuke, you came back! You’ve finally came back! His mom said happily.


Then his mom just gabbed and hugged Yusuke, making him really surprised at this.   He was very surprised, since he expected yelling or shouting at him, he didn’t expect his mom to be happy to see him.   Most of all he was even more surprise when his mom was in tears.


Ummmm…Mom? Are you okay??? Is something wrong?  Yusuke said worryingly and confused at his mom’s reactions.


I’m okay son, in fact I am better than okay, you finally came back home. His mom said happily, wiping out her tears.


Uhhh...Of course Mom! Why wouldn’t I come back??? Yusuke responded much more confused than he was before.


Yeah, your right, I just thought that. (Her mom trailed off in her words) Ummm, never mind.  Come inside Yusuke, you must be very tired and hungry. His mom said cutting off what she was trying to say.


Yusuke went inside and was very surprised and was in awe, when he saw the place so clean and very tidy and organized. 


Yusuke: (thinking) Huhhhhhhhhhh???!!! Okay, what happened in here???? Why is the place too clean and very organized?  Am I in the wrong place??? Is this woman really my mom???


Yusuke was thinking about the changes that happened, and he had a lot of questions in his mind that he was really confused about and is very curious to have the answers.  He was wondering how so much has changed and why all the changes.  He sat down on the couch in the living room looking around the surroundings, realizing how much he doesn’t know the place anymore.  In his memory, the place would be very dirty and disorganized, there would be lots of beer bottles scattered around the floor, and the whole place would smell like beer.  He was still sitting at the couch admiring the place, when he was cut of from his reveries when his mom went back from the kitchen with some soda and pizza. 


Yusuke wanted to ask his mom so many questions, not only about the place but also about herself, and the changes she’d undergo.  But Yusuke doesn’t really know how to ask her this and how he would come up with the right answer for his disappearance.  Since his mom still did not know about him being a spirit detective.   Also he wouldn’t tell his mom the real reason because his mom would never believe the things that were happening to him, and also he doesn’t want her to worry about him.  His mom put down the pizza box on the center table near the couch, and handed him the soda.


Yusuke: Thanks mom! But I really am not hungry right now, because I already ate at Keiko he said looking at the pizza in the box, but he was opening and drinking the soda.


 Oh!! So that means that you’ve already seen and met with Keiko?  His mom asked.


Yeah, I went back just this afternoon and I went to see her. Then I just ate at her place. Yusuke responded.


Well, that’s good! You know Yusuke, that she was very worried of you... So how are things going between you both? His mom asked with curiosity.


Yeah I know, and I guess we’re fine. Yusuke said plainly.


Really now? Are you both going out? Tell me something, are you going to marry her Yusuke? His mom said with inquisitiveness.


HUH???!!! How did you know about that mom??? Did she tell you??? Did someone else tell you about it??? Yusuke said, a little annoyed and embarrassed of the fact that his mom knew about his plans and the things that are going on between him and Keiko.


Wait a minute! I know! Did Kuwabara told you about it??? Yusuke asked again.


Hahaha! Yusuke, you idiot! No one has to tell me about what was going on between you two.  I am your mother you know, and I always figure this stuff up.  I guess it’s true about what they say, that a mother knows his son better than anyone, but that’s not really true about me. His mother said with a lower voice and tone.


Yusuke knew that she was trying to tell him something, but doesn’t know how to say it.  Just as well as he is trying to tell and explain about his absence, but couldn’t say it right away.  His mom stopped talking for a while, and then Yusuke finally spoke, since he wanted to break off the silence and ask questions about her.  Since he too wanted to talk to her mother, and catch up on the things that he missed.


So what’s with the new look, mom? Did something happen? Did you win a lottery or something asked Yusuke jokingly.


Yusuke, you were gone for three years. I did not know where you were or have no idea why you left His mom replied seriously responding to his question.


Mom, I ummmm I can’t really tell you where or why mom I’m sorry to leave without telling you about it, but I just can’t.  Besides you would never believe me.  I didn’t think that it would affect you this much. Yusuke said while looking at the whole place referring to how much things has changed.


Yusuke ever since I found out that you left and were gone.  I was first very mad and angry at you for just going off on your own like that, but then I felt that it was my fault.  I thought that you have finally run away from me, since I never took good care of you, and I know that one day you’ll just leave.  I always ignored you before and never really cared much for you, and I knew that I was a bad mother.  Also I know that you deserved to be cared and loved for, you deserve someone to look after you.  Then when that happens, you will finally be happy, just like I was when I met your father.  I knew I was a bad mother and I realized that you will just leave and never come back, I accepted that fact a long time ago, but I never really know the feeling when that happens. His mother said in a very serious tone and sincere look.


Then she refers to what happened when Yusuke left and when she realized about it. I went home that day after going out with my friends into different bars and to our usual escapades, I went home drunk as always and kept calling you out.  I grew tired and impatient, but thought that you went out so I just slept.  The day after that, when I came to my senses, I found that note you posted on the fridge:



Dear Mom,


Sorry about this, I wanted to tell you about this a long time ago, but I never had the chance to, and I really have to go now.  I have to go somewhere; someone has invited me to go.  So if you read this, don’t worry about me, I’ll be back.





His mom continues talking, When I read the note, I was furious.  I was angry at you for just going off without a good reason.  But then it hit me. He had a good reason all along this day was meant to come. The day where you will finally leave.  I realized this and then I just felt sad like the feeling I had when you almost died at that accident.  Just like that time, I felt what it feels to losing your child; it is even more harder for me since I am to blame for this, because I am the reason that you have every right to go off on your own.  Your probably better off on your own than staying with me.  From that thought it hurt me a lot, I started to reflect to myself and about you, when you were gone.  I noticed that you said you were going back, but I wasn’t sure, and I decided to change for the better.  I wanted to take better care of you, I wanted to know you better, and I wanted to love you as a true mother would love her child.  I realized these things when you were gone, so I started to make a lot of changes about myself.  I know that I can’t make up for the years that I left you alone and didn’t take care of you, but I wanted to start over.  I know that you have already grown up, but I can still take care of you as a mother would even though his child has grown up.  Then I started making changes in my life, I quit drinking (only if there are very special occasions), I quit smoking, and I got a job as a secretary.  I worked in an office building where my boss is very similar to me; my boss was all alone since her husband died in the few years of their marriage. Also she had a son who died in a disease, so she was left all alone and never had a family again, since even though her family is dead, she wouldn’t want a replacement, because they were the only ones for her, her only husband and her only child, she couldn’t replace her love for them with another.  So she would rather live alone with the memory of her loved ones, than to replace them, and she also thinks that someday they will be reunited again in the after life.  I admired my boss so much, she was very kind and understanding especially the fact that we had something in common, that was both our husbands are gone, and she found out about you running off somewhere.  She was like an elder sister to me; she would always comfort me and always inspire me to change for the better.  She wasn’t only giving me my pay check, but she was more than that, she was more than my boss.  She was like my best friend and more like an elder sister.  I would look up to her, like her advice and her wise lessons like when she reassured me that you will come back home.  She was the one who made me kept and maintain my new life; she helped me changed as well.  And with the money I am getting, I as was able to change the place like new furniture and new things.  I improved not only myself but my surroundings, because I thought that since I am going to change, then so is the place.  I even bought lot stuff for you, it’s just my gifts that I want to give to you for the birthdays I missed, check it out later okay? That’s what happened when you were gone. His mom said with a sign of relief.  Yusuke could tell that she wanted to tell him all about this and kept it inside her until the right moment.  Yusuke was glad to hear all of this from his mom, at times like these before, he would probably think that this was all just a waste of his time, but right now he was interested and curious about the things that happened to his mother.  He was glad to know how much his mother changed and was glad to hear that she was doing great.  Then he thought how amazing it is to see how people can change this much for such time. 


Thank you for listening to me son, I want you to know that from now on, I will do my best to be a better mother to you than I ever will. His mother said sincerely with a smile on her face. 


Thanks mom.  I am glad to hear that, but you are a good mother.  I never really care if you were a bad mother or not, I just know that you are my mom and you do care about me.  I’m glad to see you changed this much though, I mean look at the place, its beautiful. Yusuke said admiring his surroundings of the place.  It looked much bigger and with much space and room, than he remembered before.  There were certainly lots of new things; the place looked like one of those modern houses and futuristic houses, but with a mix of classical and traditional styles.  Almost everything was new to him, the couch, the table, the chairs, the walls, the rooms, the floors, the windows, the lights, the television, and lots more of brand new things.


Well, I gotta say, you really changed this place mom!!! It looks amazing!!! I don’t even think that this is the same apartment I knew before. Yusuke said complimenting his mom’s work of renovations of the place.


Yep, the place does look good.  I figured it was one of the things I could do to keep me occupied sometimes if I don’t have anything to do. His mom said with pride.


Mom, I’m gonna check out my room, I’m curious to see how it looks now. Yusuke said excitingly.


He was about to get off the couch when he stopped because his mother called him back.


Yusuke, hold on.  You can see your room later.  Tell me...Why did you leave? And where did you go?  I want to know what’s going on with you.  I already told you about myself and the things that happened to me.  Now you tell me what’s happening to you. His mom said persistently making Yusuke left with no choice.   


Yusuke sat back down on the couch and was hesitating for an answer, but when he saw his mother’s face and her eyes, he knew that his mother was very interested and wants to know more about himself.  He was sure now that his mother will listen to what he has to say, but he isn’t sure if his mother would believe him.


Mom, I have a good reason about why I left, and I could tell you what’s going on with me, but you won’t believe me. Yusuke replied.


Yusuke, I don’t care how stupid and impossible it may sound, I just want to hear your story and I want to hear your reasons.  I want to know what is happening to you and I will listen even though I can’t promise you that I will believe you right away, I know that I will be convinced as long as it is your real and honest answer.  His mom said being serious about it.


Okay mom, I’ll tell you but I am saying the truth, I am not going to keep this from you anymore, I’ll tell you all about it, but I won’t bother convincing you to believe in what I have to say.  Yusuke said profoundly.


“Okay, Yusuke, I’ll listen.” his mom answered solemnly.



To Be Continued

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