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Lovers' Sanctuary

Chapter I
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CHAPTER 1 - THE REUNION (Plans for the Future)


Soon after we all watched the sunset together we decided that it was time to part to our regular new lives, since it was about to get dark soon and then we separated to go home.


"I'll have to go back to Genkai's temple now" said Yukina to the others bidding them farewell and hoping to see them all again.  "Wait up, Yukina!" yelled Kuwabara, "I'll walk you there." Yukina turned around to face Kazuma, "You don't have to escort me Kazuma-san, I know the way back." "Yeah, but I wouldn't be gentleman If I let you walk back alone, so I'll come with you, okay?" Kuwabara responded.  Yukina replied, "Thanks Kazuma." "Always a pleasure, Yukina." commented Kuwabara.


Everyone couldn't help but overhear their little sweet conversation to each other that almost made Yusuke laughed out loud and criticized, "Since when is Kuwabara a gentleman." Botan and the others couldn't help but smile and snicker at Yusuke's comment, which neither Kuwabara or Yukina heard about their criticism, but instead they both waved goodbye and walked off the direction to Genkai's temple, talking to each other. 


"Well, I better be going too" said Kurama to the rest of them.  He looked at Yusuke, and said, "It was great to see you again Yusuke" Yusuke replied back, "Hey, it was nice to see you again Kurama, and maybe we'll see each other around, since you do plan to stay here in Ningenkai, right?"  Kurama paused for a second then replied, "Yeah, definitely! I'll start my new life here in Ningenkai."  "That's great, Kurama, good for you." commented Keiko.  Shizuru asked Kurama what he plans to do, and Kurama replied that he doesn't know yet, but he will start a new life for himself and his new family (with his step dad and step brother).  Shizuru then congratulated Kurama about his new family and his dedication to them and then the redhead smiled in response. 


"Well, we better start heading off home" Yusuke said and added, "I really am tired and kinda miss home."  They all walked together in to the station, where they would now take separate trains.  Shizuru and Kurama went together in the same train since they both lived in the same region.  While Yusuke and Keiko who was talking to each other, surprisingly enjoying one another's company, when Botan decided to just leave and not disturb them.  Then she suddenly stopped because Yusuke called her, "Hey, Botan! Where are you going?" he asked.  "Well I think I should just leave you two alone, and I don't want to disturb you two" Botan said with a half-hearted smile.  Yusuke then said, "Nonsense, Botan.  Come with us for a little longer, your not disturbing or anything, your our best friend and we want you to be with us." "Yeah, that's right, Botan.  Me and Yusuke can always talk anytime, but It's not often we can talk to you since you really have a hectic schedule, and your always busy due to your job." Keiko reassured Botan to stay with them.  "Thanks, guys" Botan said cheerfully.  Now that Yusuke and Keiko realized that they were kinda ignoring Botan since they were busy talking to each other, they then decided to talk to Botan.  Their train arrived and they walked in and sat down.


"So, Botan, how have you been? How's your life?" asked Keiko.  Botan replied, "Well, my life is also back to normal, since there aren't any more missions and disasters....I'm back to ferrying souls.  It's the same as old times." (In other words, boring, Botan thought)  "So how about you Keiko, how's school?" Botan asked back.  "Well, it's okay, it is kinda hectic though, since I'm always busy with homework, extracurricular activities, and clubs.  But High School is fun." Keiko said and heard Yusuke made a wise crack, "Huh? School is fun? I doubt that!"  She just ignored Yusuke's comment and kept talking to Botan.  Yusuke just listened to them quietly and watched their conversation.  He didn't talk much just his wise crack, and kept quiet the whole ride.  He just watched his surroundings, the people in the train, the view of the places outside the train, and the two girls talking to each other (Keiko and Botan).  However, he stared at Keiko for a while, wondering how much she changed after these years, yet somehow still remained as the same girl he knew back then.  The train stopped at the station and all of them walked off.  They were going to Keiko's house/restaurant.  Yusuke finally spoke, asking Botan, "So, how's Koenma? Still having tantrums from work?" "Well, I guess you could say that. He's still the same; nothing has changed, still having a fit over his work."  Botan replied jokingly followed by a sigh.  "Hahaha! So he's still a baby.  He must be really working you hard." Yusuke replied with a worried look and tone.  "Yeah, but it's okay I've gotten used to it." responded Botan with a smile.  "I'm glad to hear that" Keiko said.  "Yeah, you should try to take a break and relax more often, Botan.  I mean, I know that he's your boss and you have to follow his orders, but you should really complain and demand to have a day off or two, or even better a vacation."  Yusuke said trying to convince Botan about it. "Yeah, that is really good idea, Yusuke." Botan said cheerfully.  "If that happens, you could always hang around with us, Botan" Yusuke said and Keiko added, ”Your always welcome with us here, so if you have the time, maybe we could all go out together and have a good time."  "Thanks" Botan said "I'll consider Yusuke's idea and try to visit more often and have fun with you guys." "Yeah, you really need it and you deserve it." Yusuke replied. 


They arrived at Keiko's place, and Keiko went off to her room to changed clothes while Botan and Yusuke waited for her in their restaurant.  Keiko's parents came out from the kitchen and greeted Yusuke happily, asking him where he had been after all this time.  Yusuke just answered them (both Keiko's mom and dad) that he has been traveling around through different places and didn't really stay in one place.  They were both glad to see Yusuke again and told him how Keiko is very lonely without him.  Then they asked if he plans to stay here or travel again.  Then, they were both very happy when Yusuke told them that he will stay, because he will marry Keiko.  Yusuke was nervous for a second and asked them, "So, is it okay for me to marry your daughter?" Yusuke said with an anxious look on his face.  Keiko's parents suddenly replied, "Of Course" in unison, saying "We've known you since you were a child, Yusuke, you are kinda like a son to us." her dad said.   Both of them were rejoicing saying that they are very excited and happy for the both of them.   


Botan was sitting beside Yusuke, smiling happily, and said "I'm glad to see you this determined to marry her, Yusuke.  You will make Keiko very happy and I know that you will be happy as well.  I'm happy for the both of you" Yusuke just smiled happily but trying to conceal his shyness from Botan's compliment.  Keiko's parents noticed Botan, asking her if she is one of Yusuke's friends or Keiko's, Botan replied "Both."  Then Keiko's parent’s disappeared into the kitchen making ramen noodles for the other customers, and excused themselves from Yusuke and Botan. 


Keiko went downstairs wearing her cooking apron and told them both that she is going to cook them ramen noodles, knowing that Yusuke is probably hungry.  She suddenly went into the kitchen to help her parents and started cooking.  While Botan was talking to Yusuke, "So when are you guys going to get married" asked Botan.  "Well, I don't really know yet.  I haven't been thinking about it" replied Yusuke.  Botan was kinda irritated by his response saying, "You know Yusuke, weddings are a serious matter and should be carefully planned and thought of.  It's not something that you can just do, when you want to"  "I know" Yusuke responded.  Botan was surprised by his reaction on his tone and look on his face of seriousness and sincerity.  "I'm sure that I want to marry Keiko and want to spend the rest of my life with her.  I have her parents answer and opinion, but I am still waiting for hers.  I know that she does want to be with me, but I know that we still have a lot of things to talk about.  Besides, we still have to plan things out for the future.  I wanted to talk these things with her.  I still have to consider about her education, and I plan to marry her when the time is right for her.  She has waited for me after all these years, and now it is time for me to wait for her until I know that she is ready, because I want to be with her." Yusuke ended having a serious look.  Botan was very very surprised, at this saying, "Wow! I have never seen you this determine and this serious Yusuke.  I'm sorry for lecturing you about it."  "Thanks, I guess, and don't worry I'm used to lectures, and besides I didn't think that was a lecture.  Just a good advice from a very good friend." Yusuke said with a smile.  Botan smiled back in response. 


Unbeknownst to them, Keiko and her parents overheard their conversation.  Keiko's parents were also surprised to see Yusuke that serious, and was very glad for him to be and feel that way for their daughter.   Keiko was blown away, she never expected Yusuke have feelings so deep for her, she was in tears.  Even though Yusuke didn't tell this to her directly, she understands that Yusuke might be having a hard time telling and showing his feelings for her, but to hear him say about it was more than enough for her.  She already finished cooking and then she wiped out her tears.  Now she was very cheerful and sat down beside Botan and in front of Yusuke.  Keiko was smiling happily and Botan and Yusuke was surprised at this.  Botan asked, "You’re in a very good and cheerful mood.  Care to tell me about it?"  Yusuke was just wondering why she was very happy, but then it just hit him, that maybe she was happy because he was back.  From that thought, Yusuke just stared and looked at Keiko, then smiled happily as well.  "Well, I just overheard the greatest thing from a very special someone." Keiko said and then Botan just figured it out about her conversation with Yusuke a while ago about his feelings for her.  When Yusuke still couldn't figure it out and just wondered, "Huh?" he said. "Ohhh...Nothing..." Keiko responded teasingly and playfully.  They started eating and talking to each other, until Keiko decided to help her parents clean up, and Botan and Yusuke decided to go home. 


"Well, I better go home and see my mom." said Yusuke.  "You better, come up with a very good excuse Yusuke for your three years of absence “Keiko said. "She was very worried about you and was looking for you everywhere. I couldn’t tell her about you, and I didn't really know what to tell her about where you went.  I just told her that you have to go somewhere and take care of things, but I knew that she was worried sick about you.  Why didn't you tell her that you were going to leave Yusuke?" 


"Well I did, but not directly.  You see I was going to tell her a couple of times but she was either drunk, hangover, ignores me, lectures me, or just didn't want to hear anything from me, expecting of bad news. So when that day came that I have to go, she wasn't there, so I knew that she was probably in one of her wild escapades.  So I just wrote a note on the refrigerator stating that I will be gone a couple of years, but I will be back."   Said Yusuke.  "Oh My! She probably either lost that note or thought that something bad happened to you" Botan said to Yusuke in a worried look.  "Nah! Don’t worry about it.  She won't spend her whole time just worrying about me; she probably forgets that I am not even there when she drinks.  Besides, she won't miss me or anything, probably just miss me because she has no one there to yell at."  Yusuke said jokingly.  "I wouldn't be so sure about that" Keiko replied.  "Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" Yusuke asked at Keiko. "Well, a lot of people changed after a long time you know Yusuke.  You might be surprised about how much a person could really change"   Keiko told Yusuke.  Yusuke just shrugged it off saying, "Hmnph, my mom can't just change that much. I really doubt that.  She probably just changed bars or clubs or tried different kinds of escapades on her adventures." "Well, you'll see.........." Keiko said teasing him.  "Whatever" replied Yusuke?


"Well, I better be going back to Rekai as well" Botan said.  "Yeah, Koenma must be really angry at you by now for being gone this long." Yusuke commented.  Botan agreed with a heavy sigh, and said "Yeah your right.  I can just imagine his face boiling red and steaming." "HAHAHA!" Yusuke laughed whole-heartedly, "That's a good way of describing him"  "Well, I'll see you again, guys, and don't worry I’ll drop by whenever I can, okay?" Botan told both Yusuke and Keiko.  They both nodded, and Yusuke said "Yeah, come by anytime you like, Botan" and Keiko added, "Don’t hesitate to come to us, your always welcome."  "Thanks a lot you guys, I'll see you later." Botan said then she looks at Yusuke, "It was great to see you again Yusuke" and Yusuke just replied by smiling and nodded his head.  Botan then produced her oar and hopped on it.  Then she looked at Keiko and thank her for the food, "Thanks for the food, Keiko, it was really great." she said.  Keiko told her, "Your welcome.  And if you like, just come by whenever you can and eat at my place, and then maybe we could go to the mall and go shopping together." Keiko suggested.  "Great! Thanks again, Bye!!!"


Botan flew up high above the skies waving her hands and still looking at the couple, then she starts flying off.  Then she said to herself, "It was very nice to see you again Yusuke, I have so many things to tell you." Botan was in her thoughts while traveling back to Rekai, "You're a very lucky girl Keiko, for having Yusuke to love you so much.  I also love him, but he chose you.  I guess he didn't even know that I have feelings for him.  I guess no one does.  All they think that Yusuke and I are just best friends and his assistant, but I feel more than that for him.  Although he has Keiko to love him and he knows that.  He just treats me as his best friend and I appreciate that, but I just want to reveal my feelings for him .  I don't even know how my feelings developed for him, it starts out as a simple friendship, then into a crush, until I just can't get him off my mind. But, he doesn't know this and so is Keiko.  Now they know their love for each other and plans to spend the rest of their lives together.  I should just be happy for them.  I know that I can't forget about Yusuke, but maybe when their married, my feelings for him might reduce to being just a friend.  I envy Keiko, Yusuke loves her and always worry and protect her.  Yusuke and Keiko...No matter how far apart they are, they are still attracted to each other, and I know that I should not come in between them. There would be no point in revealing my feelings for him.  I would just humiliate myself, and there are a lot of odds and factors against me.  First of all Yusuke loves Keiko and Keiko loves him, second is Yusuke treats me as his best friend as well as Keiko does, third is that Keiko is also my best friend and I treat her more like a sister, four is that I am the grim reaper, just a spirit with no particular body and no memories of my past life, and fifth is that he is a spirit detective and a former makai king, and I am nothing more but a ferry girl. But I am very happy and content to see him this happy.  I am glad to see both of them very happy, for I will gladly put aside my feelings for both their happiness, they deserve to have each other.  I have no right to interfere on their relationship and love for each other.  I'm just glad that they consider me as a very close friend.  Yusuke and Keiko, may you be happy together." Botan closed her eyes as she thought about her feelings and about the couple, then she flew off to Rekai.


After Botan left, Keiko also bid goodbye to Yusuke, "Goodnight, Yusuke, I'll see you again tomorrow." and was about to go back to her house, then Yusuke grabbed Keiko's arms making her suddenly close to Yusuke, then Keiko was surprised at this when she was about to slap him....he kissed her.  Keiko's hand was about to hit Yusuke's faced, but instead she embraced and holds on Yusuke's neck.  Keiko was very surprised at this; she would never expect this sudden reaction from Yusuke, since Yusuke would always have trouble showing his feelings and love to anyone.  Then they shared a long and passionate kiss. 


Then Yusuke broke off saying, "Goodnight, Keiko."  Keiko was breath taken, she was still thinking about the kiss and this made Yusuke smirk saying, "How do you like that? It was only a goodnight kiss." Yusuke said playfully.  She couldn't help but smile and giggle and said, "You really have changed a lot over these years, Yusuke.  Even though you don't show it.  I know that you've changed a lot." Yusuke blushed saying, "Yeah, your right, as always you could see through me."  "Thanks, Keiko" Yusuke said. "Huh? For what?" Keiko asked confusedly.  "For everything...for being there for me, for waiting for me, and for loving me." Yusuke said romantically and seriously.  Keiko gasped in surprised, "Huh? What's the matter? Is it something that I said?" Yusuke asked.  Keiko was surprised and started crying.  Now Yusuke was even more baffled and said, "I'm sorry for everything I said okay, please, don't cry Keiko." Keiko stopped crying for a second and said, "Yusuke, silly, I'm crying because of joy that you finally started revealing your feelings to me...I have been waiting for so long just to hear you say things like that, so don't apologize, instead say more romantic things like that. 


"Don't be mad, Keiko, but I don't know any more romantic things, I just said what I felt." Yusuke said with an apologizing tone.  "That's okay, Yusuke.  I wouldn't want you saying things if you did not really mean it...I want you tell me your feelings from you heart, okay?  You don't have to tell it to me all the time, I'm not forcing you, but if you feel like it then say it to me." Keiko said happily with tears still in her eyes. "Okay, I will" Yusuke responded seriously.  Then they both kissed once again without restrain and shared an embrace through the moonlight (It was full moon by the way).  Then they broke off saying good night to one another, Keiko went back inside to her house, while Yusuke started walking home very happy and cheerful.  Thinking all about Keiko and their new life together.  Then as he started going close to his neighborhood, he also wondered about his mother, "I wonder how she is? Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough."


To Be Continued..........

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