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Lovers' Sanctuary

Yusuke's dilemma

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Chapter III: Yusuke's Dilemma


That's when he walked through the mirror to find himself............

*~*~**~*~* an alley. As he looked around the vicinity, he didn't know where to start. That's when he felt something vibrate against his leg. It was Koenma's communicator. He took the device out of his pocket and flipped it open.

"Welcome to Osaka, Japan." Koenma's voice echoed in Yusuke's ear.

Yusuke only shrugged his shoulders and looked around. "So, where to?"

"Hold on.....OGRE!" Koenma yelled as Yusuke pulled the phone away from his ear to save his hearing. "Okay, sources indicate that Kano was last seen at Shika Hotel before he robbed the antique store. That's also the place where you will be staying until Kano is captured.'s located about three blocks on the left hand side. Good luck, Yusuke."

"Thanks..." Yusuke said as he closed the phone and jammed it into his pocket.

As he walked swiftly toward the hotel, he noticed that all eyes were on him. Growing uncomfortable, he moved quicker with his head down. 'Tough crowd,' Yusuke thought as he walked toward a building that had a sign 'Shika Hotel' on it. He smiled and entered the building. Once inside, Yusuke found himself face-to-face with the gentleman from the video.

"Yusuke Urameshi, I presume?" He asked as Yusuke nodded. "You're late."

"Traffic was horrible." Yusuke said sarcastically as he looked the man up and down.

He seemed to be a fairly dressed gentleman, according to Yusuke's standards, and his rich brown hair brought youth back into his facial features. He stood near Yusuke's height and his gold cane, that he lugged around, spoke volumes about his financial status. As Yusuke continued to glance at him, the gentleman cleared his throat and frowned.

"Cute," the man said as he turned away from Yusuke.

Yusuke smirked. "I heard that Kano robbed an antique store, any idea what he stole?"

"Not exactly," he said as he turned toward Yusuke again. "Everything was intact."

"'re saying that he didn't steal anything?"

"Your guess is as good as mine." He frowned. "About six antiques were sold the day of the robbery. I'm thinking that one of the customers has what Kano is looking for. Don't worry, each customer is under heavy surveillance. Kano won't last long."

"What if Kano just robbed the wrong antique store?" Yusuke asked as the man patted him on the shoulder.

"Kano's not stupid. He knows what he is doing." The man said as he started walking away. "Keep in touch."

"Wait....what am I supposed to do?" Yusuke asked, slightly angry.

"You like being look-out?"

"Not really..."

"Good, meet me tomorrow here at six." The man said as he started walking away again.

"Didn't you hear me, old man!"

"The name is Yuji Hito." He smiled. "See you tomorrow at six."

'Bastard.' Yusuke thought as he watched the man leave the hotel.

Yusuke took out Koenma's communicator and was about to call him when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. Yusuke whirled around and looked at the slightly tanned man before him, who smiled and asked, "sir, would you like me to show you to your room?"

Yusuke sighed. "Might as well..."

"Name?" The man asked as he walked behind a counter and opened a book.

"Yusuke Urameshi." He said as the young man looked through the book.

He nodded and said, "follow me, sir."


"Nice," Yusuke said as he looked around his room.

"We have the finest rooms in town," the young man explained as he put his hand in his pocket. "Here is your key."

"Thanks," Yusuke said as he took the key and walked toward the window.

"Enjoy your stay, sir." The young man said as he closed the door behind him.

Yusuke sighed and took his eyes away from the window. He couldn't believe the case was over before it even started, but then again, he felt that there was more to this case. Almost like if the BOA, really Yuji Hito, was hiding something. Yusuke sighed again thinking of the possibility that it was "all in his head."

"I need to lay down." Yusuke whispered as he rubbed his head.

As he started walking toward the bedroom, he felt Koenma's communicator go off again. He sighed heavily and reached in his pocket to see the face of an adult Koenma. Yusuke was about to say something when Koenma yelled, "ARE YOU A SPIRIT DETECTIVE OR NOT!?"



"What are you talking about?" Yusuke asked, obviously confused by what Koenma said.

Koenma turned the screen to a small TV. A reporter was broadcasting a report about a robbery in progress at the Sudan Museum in Osaka, which was only two blocks from the hotel. Yusuke gasped and put a hand on his forehead. "This isn't right, I was just talking to Hito. He didn't tell me anything about-"

"Well, go make it right!" Koenma yelled as the screen went snowy.

Yusuke clenched his fist together angrily and ran out the door. 'There's something wrong with that Hito....'

Yusuke's chest was on fire once he reached the Sudan Museum. It was times like these that he wished he had Botan. As he made his way toward the entrance, he could sense a form of spirit energy nearby. As he put his hand on the door, he felt a hand jerk his shoulder back. He turned around to see a man with a black suit on. "Not so fast, kid. This is the scene of a robbery."

"Exactly, I'm here to investigate." Yusuke said as he turned his attention toward the door.

The man frowned. "I have specific orders from Mr. Hito that nobody is allowed in the museum until he arrives with his crew."

"Give me a break. How do you know the robber has left the scene?"

"Mr. Hito said-"

"That's all I needed." Yusuke said as he opened the door. "Now, if you will excuse me."

"As said before-"

Yusuke's eyebrow lifted up furiously. "Have you ever been hit with a Spirit Gun?"


"Want to?"


That's when Yusuke heard a loud crash from inside. He opened the door hastily and ran inside, leaving the man to yell, "I need back-up! Code 312! Code 312!"

The museum was like a maze. A wrong turn could lead you back where you started from. Yusuke stopped and used his senses to feel the presence of any spirit energy nearby. There was nothing. He was about to give up hope when he heard the sound of glass shatter. Without thinking, he ran in the direction of the sound to catch a glimpse of a shady figure making its way for the exit. Yusuke grinned and ran after the figure, knowing that the figure was low on spirit energy.

Running out the shattered museum door, Yusuke followed the figure toward a narrow alley. As the alley ran deeper, the only thing on Yusuke's mind was to keep sight of the figure. He finally caught his big break when he saw that the alley was a dead end. Yusuke focused his spirit energy into his index finger and was ready to shoot when a thin line of spirit energy brushed passed him toward the figure. The figure made an invisible boundary between him and the energy. The impact of the two forces created a small explosion, but Yusuke could sense that the figure had prevailed. What he couldn't understand was the fact that the figure made a strong barrier with a minimum amount of spirit energy. Wait, who fired that spirit energy?

Yusuke, who was bewildered by the turn of events, slightly turned around to see only smoke from the explosion. He turned back toward where the figure stood. He could still feel his energy. He grinned weakly and carefully went into an attack stance. Focusing his energy into his hand, Yusuke pulled his arm back and swiftly thrust it forward while yelling, "SHOT GUN!" The small spirit bullets dodged into the smoke and met the "supposed" target with a bang. Yusuke breathed in a sigh of relief, while waiting for the smoke to clear. To his dismay, the smoke only revealed a brick wall.

"What?" He asked aloud. "I can still feel his spirit energy."

That's when Yusuke saw a small round object on the floor. He was about to pick it up when someone yelled, "STOP!"

"Who are you?" Yusuke asked once he turned around.

"Kano can transfer his energy into any object he wants. Once touched, the object will self-detinate." The cloaked figure said, not answering his question. "Be more careful in the future."

"So, it was Kano?"


Yusuke could tell that it was a woman from the sound of her voice, but what was she doing out here in the first place. Wait, was she the one that fired the Spirit Gun? He cleared his throat and asked what was on his mind.

She looked at him for a second and answered, "yes, that was me."

"What's your beef with Kano?"

She turned around and said, "you will soon learn."

Yusuke put a hand on his forehead. "Why am I not getting any answers today...?"

"Maybe you're looking in the wrong places."

Yusuke watched as the woman walked away without another word.

"Now I really need to lay down....."


"Why didn't you follow my orders?"

"Sir, the kid was already out the door."

"Listen, I pay you good money. This shouldn't be happening."

"It won't happen again."

Yusuke watched as Hito talked to one of his guards with a dignified tone. Yusuke felt like he was hating Hito more and more every time he saw him. As Hito turned and looked at him, Yusuke refrained from using his Spirit Gun on him. After all, there was witnesses. He would have to wait.

"Mr. Urameshi."

Yusuke growled and decided to get straight to the point. "Why didn't you tell me about the robbery? You had to know if your guards were already there when I arrived."

"You weren't needed." He answered firmly.

Yusuke cocked an eyebrow up. "Really? Why the hell did you make me part of your mission when I'm not even involved."

"Kano turned out to be not as dangerous as I thought."

"Are you serious? Then why isn't he captured?"

"Patience, Urameshi. I'm giving him time to surrender...."

Yusuke's mouth dropped open.

"Now, if you will excuse me." Hito said as he walked away.

"What about tomorrow morning?"

"Yes, I'm expecting you to stake-out with my team. I'm pretty sure Kano will be after one of those customers."

"Can't wait." Yusuke said as he rolled his eyes and walked away.


Yusuke couldn't take it anymore. There was a strange feeling inside of him that said that Hito was indeed working with Kano, but what was in it for him? Hito seemed pretty well off. As Yusuke paced back and forth in his room, he decided to call Koenma up and relieve his suspicions.

"Can't the chief of Spirit World get any sleep around here?'s you."

"Nice to see you too." Yusuke said as Koenma yawned.

"What is it?"

"I need to ask you something about Hito."

"Go on."

"I think he's working with Kano...." Yusuke spit out.

"Explain your case."

"It seems that he's not even trying to find Kano. He's looking in all the wrong places. He even wants me to play watch dog tomorrow morning."

"Seems possible, but I need evidence." Koenma reasoned.

"He hasn't captured Kano." Yusuke rubbed his neck. "That's all the evidence you need."

"Hmm..." Koenma uttered softly.

"Koenma, you have to believe me."


"Koenma, sir! It seems Botan has gone missing after you sent her to retrieve a wandering soul." Ogre said as Koenma frowned.

"That girl is always in some kind of danger. I just hope she didn't get lost in the Killer Thorn patch again...."

Yusuke frowned as Koenma's image was replaced by Ogre's. "Hey, Yusuke! How's the mission!?"


"Oops, better go. Nice talking to ya, Yusuke."

Yusuke sighed and looked out the window. "I know Hito is working with Kano."

As he stood there silently, an idea came to mind. He had to follow Hito and see what he was up to. He smiled and took out Koenma's communicator again. He remembered that Koenma said that he could get in touch with him and the BOA. It was worth a call.

"Yes, Mr. Hito isn't in right now." A woman answered as Yusuke nodded.

"Do you know where he could be found?"

"Sudan museum." She answered. "He brought his team there to investigate."


Yusuke jammed the communicator in his pocket and made his way for the door.

"I'm sure I'll find Kano there as well....."


"There he is." Yusuke said as he ducked behind a car. "Now, since I don't want to be found..."

Yusuke took out the ring Koenma gave him and slipped it on. "This should conceal the remainder of my spirit energy."


"Mr. Hito, I've found a piece of glass that may contain Kano's blood. Should I bring it to the lab?"

Hito examined the glass. "No, I will."

Yusuke followed Hito as he walked out of the museum and stopped to see if anyone was around. Once Hito thought it was clear, he threw the piece of glass down and crushed it with his gold cane. After staring at it for a couple of minutes, he walked back inside.

"Yup, he's not working with Kano." Yusuke said sarcastically as he followed him back inside.


"Are you sure you don't want a ride home, Mr. Hito?"

"I can manage." He said as his chauffeur sped away.

Once the limo was out of sight, Hito started walking toward the robbed antique store.

"Hmm....they do always return to the scene of the crime..." Yusuke said as Hito stood in front of the antique store.

Yusuke yawned and looked at his watch. It read 11:59 pm. He couldn't believe an old man like Hito could stand around for an hour without moving around or anything. Yusuke was about to give up when he saw a shadowy figure pass by and drop something next to Hito. Hito bent down and grabbed the bag, while pretending to tie his shoe. Yusuke blinked and rubbed his eyes.

"What just happened?" Yusuke whispered as Hito was on the move again.

Yusuke shook his head and followed Hito again. He still couldn't believe that his theory was true. Hito was working with or someone close to Kano. If not, then Hito must be some big druglord. Yusuke chuckled at his accusation and slowly followed Hito again, even though his question was answered.

That's when he sensed the presence of spirit energy moving fast. Was it one of Hito's cronies again? Yusuke stopped and looked around, leaving Hito to walk back toward the Sudan museum. As he stood there waiting for anything, he wasn't expecting an aerial attack. A figure dropped down on top of him and put his hands behind his back.

"Are you working with Kano?"

Yusuke frowned and pushed the figure off. "Funny, I was about to ask you the same thing!"

He pinned the figure down. The figure tried to squirm free, but Yusuke's grip was too strong.

"Get your hands off of me!"

Yusuke recognized the voice. It sounded like that woman from earlier who was warning him about Kano's self-destructive objects. He was about to let her go, when he realized that this was his chance to see who was behind the mask. He brought his hand to her mask and unraveled it. He gasped.




~To be continued........~


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