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"Blah"- Speech

'Blah'- Thoughts

Disclaimer: Togashi Yoshihiro owns Yuu Yuu Hakusho, blah blah blah... If I owned it, Keiko would not exist and Botan would be with Yusuke instead. Nyahaha!

Plop! The bubbly, blue haired ferry landed on the spare futon Keiko had provided her with. She turned around so that she was laying on her back. Botan was dressed in blue pajamas with yellow stars. Her hair was tied into two buns, one on each side of her head.



Keiko came back with the snacks. Her slumber outfit consisted of a pink blouse and red pajama pants. Her hair was tied into two pigtails, similar to when she was 14.

"I'm glad we're able to spend some time together. I'm always so busy with my job as the deity of death and stuff. It's a good thing Koenma-sama gave me a day off."

"Yeah, I'd like to spend some time with someone my age. It's summer vacation so, I can't really hang out with my classmates. Shizuru-san is nice but she's a bit too mature for me. Plus, she smokes a lot, and that can't be good for my lungs, or her's. Yukina-chan is nice but she has Genkai-san and Kuwabara-kun to keep her company. And we barely ever get to hang out!"

Keiko then grabbed a handful of popcorn and popped them in her mouth, one by one.

"So what are we watching?" Botan asked while holding up a few DVDs.

"I hear this one is great." Keiko place the disc in the DVD player and waited for it to load.

As the ending credits were rolling, Botan spoke up.

"That was so romantic!" She went sparkly-eyed.

"Yeah" Keiko nibbled on a potato chip.

"I wish I have a boyfriend." Botan sighed "Keiko-chan, you're so lucky, you have Yusuke." And she really meant those words.

"Yusuke... isn't exactly what you call boyfriend material. He's not the romantic type, so you can't expect much from him. And don't forget, he's a pervert."

Botan frowned at her description of Yusuke.

"Well, he's not all that bad, he can be kind and caring at times, and you know he truly cares for you." She smiled gently.

"Yeah, I guess..." Keiko replied, a bit unsure of herself. She decided to change the subject. "Hey Botan-san, do you have someone you care about?"

"Someone I care about?" Botan looks down at her lap. "Well, kinda..."

"What's he like? Do I know him?" Keiko was determined to get some answers out of her. She had to help Botan get the man of her dreams, after all, Botan was the one trying to get her and Yusuke together.

"Uh... well... He's like... um..." The blue haired deity blushed. "Well, you know him..." She tried not to look her friend in the eye.

"Ooo, lemmee guess! Um... is it Koenma-san?"

Botan raised an eyebrow. "Koenma-sama? Nah, he's just my boss and besides he's kinda like an older brother to me."

"Or younger brother when he's in his baby form." The two girls giggle.

"I bet it's Kurama-kun!"


"Well, he seems like a nice guy. He's such a gentlemen, unlike some guys. And not to mention he's quite a looker." Keiko then stares dreamily into nowhere.

Botan gasped. "Keiko-chan, how can you talk about another guy like that when you have Yusuke!"

Keiko grabs the pillow on her bed and bops Botan on the head with it. "You know I was just joking Botan-san!"

Botan snatches the pillow from her grasp and bops her back. "Well, so was I!"

They engaged in a 'one pillow' pillow fight. Eventually, they got exhausted and declared a truce.


"Yes Botan-san?"

"Why do you call me Botan-san? We've been through so much together and we're so close. What's with the formalities? You know you can call me Botan-chan or just Botan." She drew imaginary circles on the covers of the futon.

"I..." Keiko paused. "I don't know... I've been calling you that ever since I met you. And I guess I didn't get the right impression." Keiko began her stroll down Memory Lane.

Botan remembers how Keiko first met her. "Yeah, you thought that there was something going on between Yusuke and me." Now that she thought of it, why did she decide to hide behind Yusuke, then pop up when Keiko appeared?

Keiko laughed and Botan soon joined in. Keiko's laugh slowly faded and her smile turned into a frown. Botan looked at her friend in concern.

"Keiko-chan? You all right?"

"Sometimes, I don't think it'll work." The pigtailed girl tightly clutched her pillow.

"What won't work?"

"Yusuke and me. I've known him all my life, and he's barely shown any sign of emotion towards me. There are only a few times when he's serious, but the rest of the time, he doesn't even know I exist. Hell, he isn't even there most of the time..."

"...Keiko-chan, you know as well as I do that that isn't true. Yusuke-" Keiko cut her off.

"I don't really want to talk about it anymore."

The room was silent for a minute or two.

"But Keiko-"


Botan sat there, a bit hurt and a bit shocked at her friend's sudden outburst.

Keiko looked away. "Sorry Botan, it's late, let's just go to sleep."

Both girls went to sleep without saying a word to each other.

-------------------------End of chapter 1-------------------------

Well? How was it? Was it too short? 'Cause I compared them to others and I think it is too short. Well, it's supposed to be a BotanxYusuke fic. No it's not done, this is just chapter one. This is one of my first Chapter fics, because I only write One-Shots. Well, Yusuke will be appearing in the next chapter. Oh yeah, this takes place after the last episode. That means Keiko's hair is long enough to be tied in to a pigtail(that is what two ponytails on the sides are called right?). Yusuke and Keiko aren't married yet, and I'll explain that in the next chapter. I'm trying to keep everyone 'in character'. If they are OOC just tell me please, I trying to stick to the story as much as possible. I don't know what Keiko calls Koenma or if she know that he can turn into a baby. Oh yeah, and thanks to my sis for proof-reading/spell checking my grammar and mistakes. Oh yeah, comments please! Flames accepted!

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